Pulau Tinggi offers too much that no one can ever get bored during their stay.

Located 30km off the east coast of Mersing, Pulau Tinggi is a mysterious tropical island perfect for a weekend escape from the busy city.

Surrounded by clear blue water and covered by decent rainforest at the interior, this secluded island is well-known for natural beauty and serenity.

And with warm and high clarity water, it is a heaven to divers and snorkelers to explore the underwater world

Why Stay in Pulau Tinggi?

Pulau Tinggi has the highest hill among the surrounding islands and “Tinggi” means high in English. It homes to an extinct volcano, Mount Semudu that rises 2000ft or 600m above sea level.

During old times, the Chinese seamen called Pulau Tinggi “The General’s Hat Island” due to the hat shape (cone shape) of Mount Semudu at first glimpse.