Pulau Pemanggil Claimed


Well-known for deep-sea fishing, Pulau Pemanggil is fishermen’s heaven located 45km off Mersing.

The calm emerald water surrounds the pristine island homes to lavishness of colourful coral reefs and marine life.

Hence, plenty of water sports can be enjoyed on the island.

Due to the large sacred boulder in the middle of the island, many tourists find this island an elegant yet mysterious one.

Up until now, it has welcomed lots of tourists from all over the world since the opening of their first resort.

Why Stay in Pulau Pemanggil?

Pulau Pemanggil is perfect for a serene and peaceful getaway. There are a few well-maintained resorts on the island. Their services are rated excellent and heart-warming.

Pulau Pemanggil offers long stretches of stunning beaches and crystal clear water. Lying on the beach, floating on the water and a leisure stroll are the simplest and the most relaxed activities on the island.

Deep-sea fishing is opened to all tourists in Pulau Pemanggil. There are various ideal fishing spot available and the island holds one of the famous fish hunting grounds in Malaysia. Goods around the island are mackerels and marlins