Pulau Mensirip Claimed


Located off Mersing, Pulau Mensirip is one of the cluster of pearly paradise islands called Seri Buat. As Mensirip is uninhabited and devoid of any infrastructure, or any man-made structures to speak of at all, it’s not exactly the most-frequently visited island of the Seri Buat archipelago.

The fact that Mensirip is private property, owned by the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, add to its isolation.

That being said, Mensirip has been bestowed with Marine Park status, and for good reason. The seas around Mensirip offer an abundance of wildlife, including plenty of both pelagic and coral-dwelling fishes.

The density and variety of Mensirip’s marine population were further enhanced by the lowering of an artificial reef, measuring about 100 square meters some years ago by Sultan Ibrahim, who has a keen interest in the natural world and nature conservation in particular.

Now, even though prior permission is required, and not invariably granted, Mensirip is a prime snorkeling and scuba diving location. Travelers staying on Rawa may partake of island-hopping tours of Mensirip, which can also include exploring the island or enjoying its white sandy northwest-facing beach. Again, provided permission has been given of course.

Mensirip is a rugged island, courtesy of its rocky nature and craggy east coast in particular. However, Mensirip’s interior is quite densely forested, which provides some welcome shelter from the elements. This, by the way, is the island’s only source of shelter, as – by design – Mensirip is completely lacking in any kind of accommodation. Nor is there a jetty for that matter.