Pulau Hujong (Hujong Island) is located to the north east coast from the state of Johor, Malaysia. It is situated around 14km from Mersing. It is situated among bigger islands such as Aur Island and The Large Island.


Hujong Island is covered with lush green forest. There are two nearby islands namely Pulau Tengah (Tengah Island) and Pulau Rawa (Rawa Island). Hujong Island is inhabited with crystal clear water and swaying palm tree. This island is indeed the right spot for a relaxing mind, a getaway from the hustle and hectic city lifestyle. Sadly there is no accommodation on this island. Thus, most visitors spend only a day time on this tranquil island.

However, there are accommodations with popular Johor hotels on most of the nearby islands. There are D’ Coconut Resort Pulau Besar on The Large Island, Rawa Island Resort on Rawa Island and more mesmerizing resorts. There are many water activities offered by these white sandy beaches such as snorkeling and scuba diving. There are too hopping trips available to more islands. They are Pulau Mensirip and Pulau Harimau. All these small islands are inhabited thus bring along some snacks and water if you decided to spend your day there. Do note that Pulau Mensirip is a private island, belongs to the Johor royal family and so no trespassers.


In order to reach Pulau Hujong, you have to go to Mersing Jetty. To get to Mersing Jetty, drive from Johor Bahru to Kota Tinggi and from there; look out for signs indicating the way to Mersing town. There, you will easily get to Mersing Jetty. The journey from Johor Bahru takes as long as 2 hours.