Ever wanted to climb a mountain, but do not know which one to begin? 
Dream of a beautiful panoramic view up on the mountain but not sure whether you are physically fit for a several hours hike?
Bringing small children for some hiking adventure but ain’t sure if they could handle a rough hike?

Fret not, as there’s a small hike at the east coast of Johor state which you could consider hiking. It’s only less than an hour to the peak yet giving you a lovely panoramic view from the top. Read on!

Located 17km from Mersing town and 22km from Endau, Gunung Arong or literally translated as “Mount Arong” (Gunung = Mountain in Malay Language) is technically a small hill with height measures only at 274m or 898 feet (though my Suunto watch recorded 292m). So why is this small little hill being called Gunung?